Convert More Leads by Showing Their Hair Transplant Results Instantly

Photorealistic AI generated hair transplants show patients the dramatic effect that more hair has on their overall appearance in just 30 seconds.

Shadow photo A
Before photo A After photo A
Photo B Shadow
Before photo B After photo B

The Ultimate Before & After

Showing a patient a rendering of their photo with more hair is showing them a better version of themselves. It's in a different league then showing a before and after of a stranger. AI generated previews are the inevitable future.


Why use AI generated hair transplant previews?

Increase Conversions
More leads that are passively interested will be converted to patients.
Increase Traffic
Bring more traffic to your website and social media by showing off unique and novel AI technology.
Enhance Prestige
By leveraging our cutting-edge technology you can show patients that you are at the forefront of the industry.

🪄 Magic Moment

We have a special emotional attachment to our face and seeing the improvement a little extra hair does to the framing of our face and overall attractiveness is hard to forget, and makes a hair-transplant harder to resist. Convince patients to get a hair-transplant in a way they can't resist.

Photo C Shadow
Before photo C After photo C
How it works


Upload Photo

Any profile photo of the patient will do. Even a selfie. Save time by optionally letting patients upload photos themselves.


Draw the general area where to add more hair. No need to be precise, our AI will handle the details.


In less than 30 seconds the AI will finish generating photorealistic hair.

All features work out-of-the box


Access Anywhere
Cloud-enabled so you can use it anywhere, anytime, on any phone, tablet or computer. No installation required.
Can be used by staff, or even directly by patients on your website.
Adjust Color, Hairline, Length
Our system is flexible and can be adjusted to preference.
Can be embedded on your own website or used as a standalone app.
No Special Equipment
No new hardware required, use your existing office computers or tablets.
Infinite variations are possible. Simply rerender if you want a new result.
Renderings take on average less than 30 seconds each.
Use Any Photo
Almost any photos can be used. Even selfies from the patient. Users do not need to understand how hairlines work and the system is forgiving to unideal photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this obligate my clinic to guarantee a certain result to our patients?

No. Our renderings are for simulation purposes only and serve to show the difference a little bit of hair can make to someone's overall appearance. They are not a guarantee of the final result. We present a variety of renderings so that the patient can get a sense of the range of possibilities, and does not expect any single specific outcome.

How do I manage patient's expectations?

All patients are presented with a disclaimer when they view renderings through our service. We also generate a range of renderings and inform patients that their results will lie somewhere between where they are today, and one of the renderings.

Can I see comparisons with post-transplant results versus your renderings?

We welcome such comparisons and have done them with patients while respecting their privacy. However, it's important to note that our software is a sales tool rather than a clinical prediction tool. We provide each patient a range of possible outcomes. We cannot guarantee that patients will look exactly as depicted in the renderings after a hair transplant, because physiological factors can cause results to vary.

What about patient privacy?

Patient data is not shared with any 3rd parties for any reason. You may enable the option to automatically delete patient data on a rolling basis. It is worth noting that HIPAA does not apply as hair transplants are not considered medical procedures.

Can this be white labeled?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

Can I use renderings in promotional material

Yes! See press kit.

Does it work on women?


Is there a contractual obligation?

No! You can cancel at any time. We do not require a long-term commitment.